No. You do not.

A heavy reliance on “motivation” to achieve our goals is one of the biggest self help lies.

You need a reason.
It helps to have a really, really good one.

Once you have that…

You need (at least a loosely formed) plan.

You need to take action.

Consistently, repeated action,

Which will lead to new habits.

Once your habits are set,
You need to stick to them.

I’m so sick of hearing (because I feel it’s a huge disservice to people)…

Find your big “Why?”
What’s your 5, 10, 15 year goal?
Set goals that excite you.

All you need is the right motivation…
If only you have enough motivation…
Get motivated if you want to succeed…

Motivation, like willpower, naturally ebbs & flows.

Counting on either as a primary force to move you forward is a recipe for failure. Because. at some point, sooner rather than later,

You’re going to lose it.

Sure. It may come back. But, it’ll never stay constantly high. It’s a biological, neurological impossibility.

You’re going to need a reason, a word intrinsically linked to motivation, to make any change. Without one, inertia will set in.

But let’s talk truth right now. Truth about change. (Which I’ll discuss more in the “Change Project” beginning March 1st.)

Statistically most attempts at long term change fail. And, most people attribute this failure to “lack of motivation.” Because “if only” they were more motivated surely they would succeed.

Success comes down to habits.
What you do (and don’t do) each & every day.

Not how you feel.
Not how much you want change.
Not how excited you are about a possible result.

So, next time you hear someone (or yourself) try to convince you that all you need to do is “get motivated” realize that approach is likely to fail.

Not because because some degree of desire (& therefore) isn’t necessary…

But because the path & process to achieve what you want will be long & hard.

And, counting on an idea, state, desire, goal, dream (or even another person) to carry you through will not be enough to get you there.

P.S. The content of this blog has recently shifted. I will be writing personal content here. But for anyone interested in the much more intimate form of writing I’ve done for years, please check out As of March 1st, I’ll be posting a daily journal there chronicling the emotional, physical & mental effects & processes of my personal journey of change.



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