As in…
You have absolutely no idea?
You couldn’t even guess?

Or, as in…
You have an idea what to do.
But part of you (if not all) doesn’t want to do it.

Each situation leads to a different solution.

In the first…
You take a wild guess.

If someone else were in your situation, what would you tell them to do?
Or, what do you think they might do?

If this seems too much of a stretch…

What has anyone (ever) done in a similar situation?
(If you try really hard, you can find an example of anything.)

Knowing what to do and not wanting to do it is a nasty, necessary part of life.

We know.
We don’t want to.
We do it anyway because:
– We’re expected to.
– It’s good for us.
– We don’t like the consequences if we don’t.
– Taking no action is more painful than taking some action.
(The list goes on & on.)

There will always be things we don’t want to do.
Our maturity & priorities will determine if we succeed in doing them or not.

Here’s another approach…

Imagine you lived in a magical land.
(Insert any magical land you’d like.)
Where fairies sit on your shoulder sprinkling fairy dust granting your every wish,

What would you wish for?

What would you like to happen?
What do you want?

(If this is still too much of a stretch for you)

What do you definitely NOT want to happen?
What do you NOT want?

Each answer approaches the original question in a different way.
Each gives clues (sometimes a clear cut map) of which direction to head.

In the end, we’re rarely as lost as we think.
Put on your thinking hat and come up with something.

Taking any action is better than taking none.

I can’t guarantee you’ll make the right decision.
That everything will immediately smell of roses & bring delight.

I do, however, have full confidence that you know (or can figure out) what’s best or right.

I also believe you are more capable & stronger than you might think.
That deep down, you have the answer you seek.

Not knowing what to do often comes in the face of resistance – unconscious or conscious.
And, a slight confusion between what & how.

Make a decision.
Do it – preferably right now.




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