Just because something looks the same…
Just because progress can’t be seen…

Doesn’t mean that none is being made.

I’ve openly admitted (many times over) last year was a struggle for me.
The most disappointing struggle…

My struggle to consistently write.

I hadn’t lost inspiration. Desire. Or, the inherent delight.

I felt something wasn’t in alignment with where I was headed –
Or, where I wanted to go.

I began the last blog at a certain time & place in my life.
Things have since changed.

Moving on was the only way for growth to continue to take place.

I’ve gained more clarity about what I want.
Where I feel my efforts are best directed – both for me & you.

As insights often do, this one was slow to come.
Leading to internal resistance first needed to be reckoned with.
Then, overcome.

It is time for something different. Yet, along the same vein.

And, as you’ll slowly notice…

Things are both fundamentally different –
And yet, still somewhat the same.

More change is to come.
Please be patient with me.
Because as much as I’d like to set the pace,

Life seems to function at it’s own speed.




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