Every year I vow…

This is the year I plan to change my life.

Every year, I fail.

It’s not that nothing improves. Some things improve. Other things degrade.

But the kind of earth shattering transformational change (that seems possible according to numerous movies, personal accounts & blogs) within 365 days or less has alluded me.

While I might be wise to accept graciously the positive changes that do come. Chalk my failures up to setting my sights too high. And, let go of my far fetched dream,

I sit here now in 2018 vowing the same thing.

I feel like both Edison working on the lightbulb and a snail trying to reach a peak.

It seems impossible. But it’s impossibility will not dissuade me.

I take with me into this year all that I have –

– A long list of things that don’t work
– New, updated values
– Clear priorities
– Raised standards
– A loosely structured plan

– Fingers crossed

That I’ll achieve by the end of 2018 what a whispering voice in my head tells me may be forever lost.

While finding the secret(s) to improving each aspect of my life.

To do so, I plan to work with a single minded focus that slips easily out of my grip.

To use all the resources I have to make this transformational change spring forth.

In only one regard will I repeat the past…

I’ll try something.
Collect feedback.
And, if necessary…

Scrap what I was doing.
Come up with a new plan.





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