I try things all the time that fail.

Should I not already keep my failures close in mind, I have my mother to remind me of all the odd ball things I’ve bought, failed to use and/or tried.

Thankfully, some have worked. To those I hold tight. While acknowledging the things that didn’t turn out as I’d like.

Regardless of this cycle… Try. Fail. Try again… I keep moving on. (Just not always forward. And, never in a straight line.)

I drown myself in a sea of information & knowledge. Looking for a cure. Hoping that the miraculous answer or solution is near.

So, here I find myself. At a crossroads. Stuck and not moving forwards. Knowing it’s time to try a new road.

I’m not completely off track. My trajectory’s only slightly askew. But if I continue on this way, soon I’ll end up completely lost.

As much as I’d like, a single solution does not exist. And, since there’s no one size fits all answer for the problems, obstacles & woes in my life, I must find my own answers. Ones that best suit who I am, where I’m at and what I desire.

One primary key…

Finding a way to create more small daily successes. So that I at least find reasons each day to be proud of myself & spark more moments of delight.

I’ve searched for plans before. Made more than a few. Only to start. Feel misguided or uninspired. Then, deviate to something else – sometimes old, other times new.

From a funky, indescribable state, I soul search.

Where do you start when everything feels like it needs to be remade?

Some things thrown away?

I have a few ideas. Today I chew on them. So that tomorrow…

For better or worse,
Good or bad,
Right or wrong…

I make a decision – no matter how slight.

To take a first step to creating something new & better in my life.





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