Time slips away from me – as it too often does.

I was reminded yesterday that I haven’t posted in almost one month!

I can list reasons, excuses… Many valid & strong. In the end, I’ve been caught up in a rapid moving too quickly on.

In the weeks that have past, not much has gotten done.

I suffered a mild concussion. Serious enough to slow me down. Leaving me (at times) with severe headaches, blurry vision, nausea for weeks.

During which time, I had to fit in workshops (taking up the equivalent of 4 days of my week.)

And… Dealt with trying to manage & take care of Mother whose having a health crisis of her own. As she struggles against me, I find no peace at home.

The above along with my normal to do’s have me overwhelmed. Leaving me with little time to write or have a non-related thought.

My head is now better. My overall health unfortunately not so great. Mother’s health is tenuous. We go from doctor, to ER, to hospital… To doctor again…

The city she lives in is flooded. No telling when she’ll make it home. Until then, we’re both stuck equally unhappy about how our days seem to go.

I try to find the space to quiet and gather my thoughts. But even when my mind cooperates, the thought is quickly lost.

So, I let time pass – as if the choice is mine. Trying to relax into a rhythm forced upon me by circumstance & chance.

I don’t know when order will return. When my normal life will resume. (I hope it’s soon.)

Because as the chaos & stress continue, I become more & more unglued.




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