I wake this morning feeling fine.

Within minutes of getting up, a growing anxiety & overwhelm build in my body. Consuming my mind.

I look around at all I have to do. All that has been left undone. Lists stream unedited in head.

Too much. So much. I immediately want to go back to bed.

I can’t get a hold of time. It speeds up each day. It slips out of my grasp. It runs away.

A series of problem & obstacles have been presenting themselves over the past several months.
And, try as I might…

I can’t seem to get them under control.

My habits & routines are upended. I’ve slid into a free fall.

Each day I think of everything I have to do, I push back when to start.

One thing remains clear. As proven over time…

If I wait for things to settle down. For calm to return…

I could be waiting the rest of my life.




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Learning obsessed. Growth focused. Wisdom seeking. Recovering perfectionist. In eternal struggle to tame obsessive compulsive tendencies.

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