24 hours after my last post, I became ill.

Fatigue hit. Aches. My skin tender to the touch. Chills.

In bed (or, more accurately… on the floor) with a high fever, I stayed. For days. Falling in & out of consciousness. Too weak to stand. Staring t the ceiling when awake. In sleep, drifting to a deep, far away place.

Fast forward over a week… I’ve recovered (everything except my full strength.) And, I’m left overwhelmed by all the things left undone. As if (before I became ill) the list wasn’t long enough.

One day before a new month… In which time I hope to come up with a plan. Because when July hits (tomorrow), it’ll mark half a year down.

As I look back over the part of 2017 past… I wonder how time slips away so easily… Marveling how far I’ve traveled from my original path.

Life keeps surprising me. Surprises both good & bad.

As I struggle… As I grasp for air… I try to embrace the uncertainty of what lies ahead.
By in each moment simply doing what I can.




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