Time continues to get away from me. Unable to slow it down, it leaks. It pours. The slipperiness of it’s nature making it impossible to hold on.

Since Sunday, each day has brought me something more unexpected than the next.

I live within a fairly regular routine. Predictable it should be.

Yet… In the strangest, most mundane ways, I’m caught off guard.

Something small happens, creating a butterfly effect. Everything shifting. Like the undulation of waves.

I fail to create concrete plans because beneath me the earth quivers too frequently for any to settle down.

Part of me feels like a failure. (Aren’t we taught “concrete plans” & “setting goals” to be the mature, appropriate thing?)

Another part tells me to do the very thing society says not. That setting things in stone (both physically & in my mind) weighs me down. Limits my life.

To actively live (and be fully engaged) requires fluidity & flexibility. It requires I open (not close) my mind.

So… I circle around to a lesson. Learned. And, relearned too many times…

Growth, progress, possibility, anything better…

All come from the unexpected in life.




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