The most basic truths often elude me.

As I sit struggling to write a thought pops into my head…

This is my blog.
I can write anything I’d like.

Words flow to pen. Instead of accepting or welcoming them, I label them. (Yes. No. Right. Wrong. Good. Bad…) A process I want to stop. I need to stop to encompass a larger (yet still simple) truth –

This is my life.
I can live it however I’d like.

My choices are my own to make. The consequences… My price to pay.

To find the truest part of myself (hidden, never lost) requires disentangling from the expectations, desires & norms of myself, others & society at large.

I work to peel back layers. To find deeper meaning & truth.

Where is my mind?
What has hold of my heart?

What lies buried within?
And, yearns to be expressed?

What’s been hidden away –
And now seeks to be set free?

If I honestly answer these questions, I need not worry what words do (or do not) come to me.




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