I want to throw myself wholeheartedly into everything I do. I don’t always. Sometimes (as much as I want to) I can’t figure out how.

When I do, I know I’m either on the road to high levels of productivity, fulfillment & rewards. Or… If I allow myself to burn too hot for too long… Burnout.

This flinging myself into things (body, mind & soul) has accounted for all of my successes.

It has also been my demise – too many times. Primarily because what I need is endurance (ideally coupled with speed).

I end up being like a dead bunny (without Energizer batteries). All my steam & juice runs out.

Few things I do are start/stop. Most of my to-do’s & projects are not one time events. I keep having to do them over & over again,

Which is why my key is to figure out the endurance part… How can I throw myself into things with a balanced enough energy to keep going on? (Instead of quickly exhausting or overwhelming myself.)

I tell you this because… Every part of me wants to spring into action. Tackle all my to-do’s. Clean out every drawer, closet, box… And, have it all done… Well, basically… Now.

I do a major purge & reorganization of my home & life at least once a year. This year, I’m taking a different, slower (more long game) approach.

I’m going to tie the decluttering, shedding, organizing, optimizing processes to it’s higher application in my life.

Just like preparing for a marathon. Only this marathon I call “life.”

I’m going to approach each step & process as a practice. I’m going to work slowly to build my endurance & strength. To detox & feed my body. Nourish my soul. Nurture my mind. So that by the time I’ve finished this year’s decluttering project, I will feel freer in body, heart & mind.




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