Whenever I disappear for a bit, it’s always due to one of three reasons.

1. My mother’s in town. (She’ll be here tomorrow.)
2. I’m not feeling well.
3. Something’s going on in my head. I’m trying to figure something out.

Recently (and for the most part) it’s #3.

I know I need a plan. Something to guide me more purposefully through the year. However, I’ve been struggling with the chicken & egg dilemma.

How do I determine what comes first? Therefore where to start.

On a mundane goal/action level, my 2017 goals are to:
1. Write daily for my blogs
2. Finish my nonfiction manuscript (and send it off)
3. Find a literary agent for my children’s book series
4. Improve my overall well being by prioritizing self care

I can & have come up with a list of daily to-do’s to help me reach these goals. Unfortunately, even though each is something I desire, something I really want to do… The list feels uninspired & dull as if somehow disconnected from my soul.

On another level, I want to:
– Allow myself to become more vulnerable
– Be more raw
– Let go of everything holding me back (all of which resides in myself)
– Stop caring what other people do, think or say – instead listening to myself
– Feel more fully
– Embrace each day

Each would help my engagement with mundane daily tasks. The problem… For these, there’s no clear, easy path. So blindfolded & lost, I’ll have to struggle patiently to find my way.




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