A large part of life
Is consumed with maintenance.

Things that need doing
But that don’t necessarily have to
Be done today or tomorrow.

If done regularly,
Life becomes easier.

If (or when) put off,
Things quickly pile up.

If I were to pinpoint one area of my life
Where small improvements would create the biggest payoff
It would be dealing with this pesky maintenance stuff.

– Laundry
– Dishes
– Paperwork

In what feels like the blink of an eye
(And in reality consists of a day or two)
Small piles become huge mountains of stuff.

When I allow things to accumulate too much,
I force myself to stop.

To make time to clear up my mess.

One day (when I’ve perfected my daily chores)
I won’t have to do this.

Until then…
I’ve created a stop value of sorts.
A point that when reached
Forces me to deal with
What’s been left undone

Knowing that the longer I wait,
The more overwhelming the chore becomes.




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