I never wanted to be one of those people who wait until some personal disaster strikes to make much needed, long overdue change.

As of 10:28pm last night, I became that person.

First let me be clear…
I’ve been taking pretty good care of myself & my life.

Making progress, even if slow.
Keeping up with personal maintenance…

There has however been one thing, one person who represents a ticking time bomb in my life –

My mother.

As I was startled out of sleep by a round of pre-midnight fireworks combined with unusually unsettling dreams, my body trembled.

I reached for the phone to check the time. As my eyes began to focus in, I noticed a text from my mother which feed the fear already burning inside.

Mother is in a precarious situation in three areas of her life:
– Her health
– Her business
– Her home

Each could explode at any time.

If & when they do, I (as an only child) will be charged with cleaning up the mess.

And for the longest 30 minutes of my life, I was preparing to do just that.




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