I have only fleeting images of the past. Images I can’t be certain are true. Still… It’s effects (the lessons right or wrong, good or bad) are tattooed on my subconscious where unless something changes, they will remain.

If I could scrub my mind, wipe all traces… I might. My only hesitation… That with pain, hardship, struggle, I’d also delete happiness, love & delight.

Every experience carries a lesson. My task… To learn empowering ones that teach love, resilience & strength.

Any lesson causing me to put up walls, live in distrust or that doesn’t lead to happiness or wellbeing… Is not the right one.

Unfortunately, with too many those under my belt, I’m now faced with the daunting task of searching for the invisible tendrils among the debris.

Then, upon finding them, figuring out how to break free.




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Learning obsessed. Growth focused. Wisdom seeking. Recovering perfectionist. In eternal struggle to tame obsessive compulsive tendencies.

Also blogging about self care at xtremeselfcare.com

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