I’m a rule follower.

I like rules.
I like knowing what’s expected of me.

I have all sorts of personal rules in my life.

For example…

If I haven’t left the house by 7pm,
I’m not going out.

I don’t drink alcohol alone in the house.

I drink a green juice every morning before I eat solid food.

I avoid keeping unhealthy food in the fridge or pantry.

(My newest rule…)
Bring the trash can in immediately on Fridays
When I get home from exercise class.

Each serves to help, guide or protect me
From something I want to avoid.

Where I have rules in place,
I also have systems
That keep things moving smoothly along.

Where no rules exist,
I tend to stumble & fall.

I know I need more.
I just need to figure out
What I need to work on
And which rule (related to it) would help me out.

Give it a try.

Create a new standard, a new rule…
Live by it for (at least) a week
And see if it helps strengthen areas in which I am weak.

If not, try something different.

If so…
Incorporate it fully.




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