Lately I’ve been thinking about death. The inevitability of it.

I don’t linger in morbidity. Instead, my thoughts focus on how, by fully accepting our inevitable demise, we can live a more present, joyful life.

If I found out I had a short, finite time to live, I wouldn’t pack up my bags & leave town. I’d stay right where I am.

I’d continue writing. Continue most of my routines.

I’d no longer be willing to waste time on the past. I wouldn’t let small things bother me. I’d take pleasure in each breathe. I’d fill my heart with gratitude – and make sure it stays there. I’d focus on love. Forget about fear & dislike. I’d allow myself to feel more fully. I’d tear down my walls, letting my vulnerabilities shine.

I’d relax into the knowledge that things will be okay, even if & when I can’t see the way.

If I were to ever write a personal manifesto… This is what it would say. By these rules, I’d live each day.




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