My mother’s been here since Sunday.

We’ve been running random errands,
Making emergency room visits…

It’s just after 1pm.
All I want to do is
Go to bed.

Mother, in fact,
Is in bed
Fast asleep.

Likely to wake up
Around the time
My nighttime comes.

So, it goes with the two of us.
Our schedules completely misaligned.

When she’s awake,
I’m sleeping or tired.

When I’m awake,
She’s exhausted or
Out like a light.

We’re like two ships
Passing awkwardly in the night.

She leaves tomorrow morning,
Which will give me
A much needed reprieve.

Until then…
I wait –

Dreaming about a quiet home
A sound night’s sleep.

Newborn baby boy lying on bed, sleeping, close up




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