I skipped exercise class today

Springbok antelope jumping

Due to the rain.

heavy rain on roof detail

It’s not like I exercise outside.

Professional Dog Walker Exercising Dogs In Park

I wouldn’t have gotten wet.

Puppy Getting Dry After His Bath

Not to sound like a

Crying little baby newborn

I just didn’t want
To drive in the rain.

Dangerous vehicle driving in the heavy rainy and slippery road. Raindrops on windshield of moving car on highway. Abstract blurred bad weather vehicle driving.

After I made my decision,
It wouldn’t leave my mind

Two curious mouses

Because I couldn’t figure out
If it was a wise decision

Owl with orange eyes

Simply an excuse
Not to exercise.

Little girl closed face with her hands, weeping, or playing hide

I’ll never know
What would have happened
If I had gone

Witch - fortune teller

Since it’s impossible to
Know the outcome
Of what I choose not to do.

Antique golden key in the sand

I do know that
For my own sanity

Portrait of smiling horse

I need to stop
Second guessing myself.

Question mark

Learn to trust
That I’m capable

Squirrel in a tree

Of making decisions
That best honor myself.

Little girl with his beloved dog at the lake




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