I’m feeling much more relaxed today.
Primarily because

Woman relaxing at home. Young woman lying on sofa.

My mother’s gone.

Woman with a hat waving goodbye to the ship leaving the harbour

I’ve always been very sensitive
To the energy of people.

Two cute kid on the green grass

This is part of the reason
I choose to spend
So much time alone.

Henhouse at the farm

I’m too easily stimulated
(Or overstimulated)
By the energy & presence of others.

Professional espresso machine brewing a coffee

Too much time out
Or around other people

Birthday party

My energy fades,

Barn Wood

My mood drops

White feather with water drops


All I can think of
Is getting away.

Over The Fence

I feel most myself
When things are quiet & calm

happy couple enjoy luxury sunset on the beach during summer vacations

For it’s then that I remember
What matters most.

Mom and son having fun by the lake




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