I’ve been sitting at home
For the past several hours

Girl playing with cat

Waiting for an electrician to show up.

Electric Meters For Multi-Family Apartment Building 2

Normally I’d busy myself
With any number of things.

Anonymous crowd walking on a street in New York

But today I’m in an unusual state.

Virginia State Capitol Building

Instead of activity,

Modern playground in the room

I’m craving stillness.

Navi Ferme al porto

I keep looking around.

looking for gold

Something feels different.
And, I’m pretty sure it’s me.

Boxer with bunny ears

My first instinct is to berate myself

Closeup of worker in workshop

Into pulling myself together.


I have things to do.

I’m wasting valuable time.

pile of magazines at home

But (for today at least)
I’m quieting that voice.

cute newborn sleeping  baby

Following how I feel.

cygnus olor - giovani cigni reali in mare

Allowing myself to look at things
With fresh eyes

young lady holding a colorful eye mask at her face

And, wonder…

If spending more time doing less
Isn’t lazy

perezoso 2

But wise?

Beautiful domestication owl, wild owl, night owl




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