My mind’s been particularly
Active this morning.

flying bee

Within 15 minutes of getting up,
I had 5 blog topic ideas.


Since I overslept,

Won't awake.

I let them rest in my mind

Baby Gorilla Napping

As I headed off to exercise class

Keep an eye on that heart rate!

Figuring afterwards
I would follow one of those strands.

cruna dell'ago

Over the past couple of months,
I’ve been digging around my head
In search of limiting, unhealthy beliefs.

Golden Retriever dog digging hole

Right before I went to pick up
My daily bottle of fresh squeezed orange juice

Orange juice

One popped into my head –

Salt popcorn on the wooden table

This one involving relationships.
Or, more specifically…

Love stories.

Story of love

I caught myself thinking
Happily ever after doesn’t exist.

Something I mentally confirm
By noting the lack of happy couples around.

Composite image of hands holding two halves of broken heart

Today I stopped the thought.
Then, told it to go away.

Beautiful black cat playing outdoors in autumn

Understanding in a flash

Modern USB Flash drive on laptop keyboard

Just because I’ve never experienced it
Don’t see it

Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist


That it is an impossible feat.

Everest, Himalaya




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