Yesterday felt like a long day.

Measuring wood meter

Not because time went slowly.

giant snail

But because tiny little shifts
Inside of me
Happened throughout the day.

Dried Dirt Everglades National Park

So that by 2pm,
I felt like a different person
Than when the day began.

Common Blue Butterfly

I can’t tell you
What it is –
What exactly has changed.

I just know somehow,
For some reason,
I won’t be the same.

Antique Light Bulbs

Although it feels
Somewhat discombobulating,
I live for these days.

Golden Retriever Dog running at the beach

Days where I learn something,
Come to understand something,
Start believing something

That fundamentally changes
Who (and where) I am.

Water Ripples and Reflection

Nothing big happened.
Nothing big has to.

elephant and baby elephant

Even the smallest of things
Can ripple out
Creating deep, lasting change.





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