I noticed an interesting phenomenon yesterday.

Aurora borealis northern lights over plane wreck on the wreck beach in Vik, Iceland

When I try to write,
I can’t.

Yesterday I tried to write
For hours –
All to no avail.

London at Night

I’d write something.
Start again.

Just end up discarding it.

Throwing something in the litter

The cycle repeated
Over and over again

Different wheels bicycle

Until finally I gave up.

girl walking along the road in a field alone

It seems my writing
Either flows smoothly
And effortlessly out of me

shower head with water drops flowing

Doesn’t flow at all.

Well in the garden

At a loss,
I pondered

Buscando soluciones

How the word try
Differs from do.

Try is a weak,
Inactive word.

Couch Potato On Old Sofa

Do a strong,
Active one.

Running in the country

I realized…

I need to eliminate
Try completely
From my vocabulary.

Hand pulling weeds

To stop trying,

Simply do

Surfer Surfing at Sunrise


Don’t do.

Surfboard on the beach at sunset




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