About three months ago,
I stopped wanting to leave the house.

Do not disturb

I didn’t know why. But…
After a while,

I started to get concerned.

Green tree frog

Was I depressed?

Sad Looking British Bulldog Tempted By Plate Of Cookies

Was something wrong with me?

orangutan monkey close up portrait

Was I loosing my mind?

crazy white horse

Interestingly, this shift began when I contemplated taking on a project
Where I’d spend each day living
Like it my last.

wilting roses

In preparation I gave great thought
To what was important to me.

To where my heart is –
Where it wanted to be.

Silhouette hand in heart

I realized what matters most
I keep close to me.


That what’s out there means little to me –

Airplane in the sky

Just superficial trappings leading (all too often) to a shallow mind.

A shallow life.

Green sandpiper  ( Tringa ochropus)




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